Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Here!

Grace's high chair arrived earlier this week and I couldn't wait to see if Grace liked it. Up to this point, she had been taking her meals in her Bumbo seat.

Here is Grace in her Bumbo.
I am physically restraining her with one hand while feeding her and snapping this picture with the other.
Yes... I have 3 hands!

I am not a huge fan of the Bumbo - (I think there are a few other brands out there that are exactly the same concept - only better) and neither is Grace. I would say that during almost every single meal, she tries to back-hand-spring her way out of it. This can get a bit treacherous as I break the one and only steadfast rule of the Bumbo which is "Do Not Use on Elevated Surfaces." So, of course, I put the Bumbo on my elevated kitchen island where a slippery back hand spring could actually be quite catastrophic. Thus, it was time for a high chair.

Grace didn't know what to think about this new eating throne until she gave it the OFFICIAL "taste test..."

Thankfully, it passed...she downed two canisters of baby food...not to mention the thing is SUPER cute! She still kinda looks a little like this in it...

but not quite as creepy. I am extremely biased but I think her's ado-able! (Oops, looks like my constant baby talk banter is rubbing off in my blog posts!)

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