Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pregancy - Can count them on one hand; Not Being Pregnant - A LOT!

Court and I went to Hood River, Oregon this past weekend for a wedding celebration. Not only did Court get the chance to meet up with friends and make his this third appearance as a groomsmen this summer, Court finally felt the baby kick. He'd been trying for weeks to feel her kick but every time he would put his hand on my belly, she would stop. When he would take his hand away, she would immediately start up again! I think this kid is going to be awesome at playing hide-and-go-seek....with her dad!

In other exciting news...I am GIGANTIC! I met a woman this past weekend at the wedding who is pregnant and due about 6 weeks before me. I had no idea she was pregnant until her husband piped up and said they were expecting too! I was shocked because this gal was well over six months pregnant - pushing seven months - and you wouldn't even know it. Me on the other hand...there is definitely no secret here that I am preggo!! I was bombarded by strangers coming up and asking me when I was due and what I was having. No one asked her a thing BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T LOOK PREGNANT! (My mind (and ass) are still trying to figure out how this is possible.) Although I longed for some resemblance of my pre-pregnancy body, I kind of felt bad for her because I could tell she wanted to jump in and rattle of her "pregnancy stats" [due in November.... it's a boy .... it's my first .... feeling great .... yes, we are really excited!!]

On one hand, I am anxious about being so big because it means a lot of work getting it off later, but on the other hand, it is fun to look pregnant because I don't have to worry about sucking in my gut when I sit down in a pair of jeans that used to fit but have recently gotten a little too snug and that I should update for a new pair but can't because they are too expensive. I can just let it all hang out!! (Finally, a plus for being pregnant, excluding of course the bundle of joy that will appear sometime in December! I can like the outcome and not the process people!!)

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