Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving {2012}

So I didn't get any pictures of our Thanksgiving Day. 
Not surprising as I was in the kitchen for most of it. Not sure if that's a valid excuse since everything I DID want a picture of was IN the kitchen with me...hmmm perhaps it was the day drinking that caused my lapse in picture taking. That damn white wine just goes down too easy!

Anyway.....while I have no pictures to prove it, the Thanksgiving meal was a success!
Nothing burned. Nothing was undercooked. All came out according to plan.

With the stress of cooking behind us we were able to cut loose a little.
Did someone say Gangnam Style?

Then it was onto the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving bonfire!

Court built a massive fire with pallets that I had thought I was going to be all super crafty with and turn into a table...but that was before I found out that "working" with pallets is the worst thing ever. While you may be able to get them for next to nothing, the amount of manual labor that goes into ripping out the boards - ALL WHILE TRYING TO KEEP THEM INTACT - is next to impossible. 
So to all of you Pinterest groupies take my advice. Pallet projects = no fun.

That is...they aren't fun unless you do this to them!

The fire was SUPER warm.

And SO pretty.

The girls were thrilled to be outside at night and the rocks quickly became 
far more entertaining than the fire!

While the girls ran around, the men folk smoked a few cigars.

The women folk kept warm with a little vino and were charged with 
keeping kids, dogs and men OUT of the flames.

It was serious business!

All too quickly the fire came to an end much like the Thanksgiving holiday.
Even in the midst of all the chaos - the cooking, the kids, the dogs - it did not pass without a heartfelt reflection on all that we have to be thankful for.

I am particularly thankful for this guy...and what he can do with a pallet!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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