Monday, March 7, 2011

Snacks and Struts

We are carrying on in the solid food department. 

We added a high chair to the mix 

and prunes!
Does this remind you of someone?

Probably should start working on sign language...

Looks like she's inventing her own sign for "I hate prunes!"

In other snack news?
Grace has discovered a dangerous snack. 
(Dangerous for mommy that is!)
On a piece of bread, we spread half with peanut butter and half with nutella.
It tastes like a hazelnut peanut butter cup!
As evidenced by her mustache!

Grace has obviously NOT gotten the memo regarding Operation Butterball.
Can someone say sabotage?

She HAS gotten the memo on taking fashion risks.
Here she is in Patagonia's 2011 puffy jacket, pink tutu and turquoise sweat pants.
A fashion risk if ever there was one.

I do think she pulls it all together with the sunglasses though, don't you?

Slight variation of the above outfit:
black and pink polka dot pants with one black shoe and one pink shoe.
Meanwhile, Charlotte is taking mental notes of how to one day embarrass her big sister. 

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! Grace is too cute in those outfits. We also have the Peg Pergo highchair and love it.