Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fair 2009

Court was able to sneak away from the farm a bit early, so we decided to take Grace to the fair in Kennewick. As this was a bit of a last minute decision, we weren't exactly prepared...financially, that is. As we pulled into the parking lot, they wanted five dollars for parking. Court was tapped when he supplied three $1 bills. I managed to scrape together $2 worth of quarters, dimes and nickels by raiding the bottom of my purse and the dash of my car. Off to a great start!

We pulled forward and followed the flaggers who decided to put us in overflow parking, about as far away as possible from the entrance. The "normal" lot wasn't full, not even close, so we couldn't figure out why we were being singled out to get the worst parking spot at the fair. Before we could figure out why we were being sent to Timbuktu, one of the flaggers stopped us and asked us for our admittance tickets. Admittance tickets? We were still in the parking lot. Nonetheless, he wanted our tickets. Having already drained our resources, we asked to pay via credit card. No can do. Then we asked if they had an ATM. Negative. (Really? No ATM at the fair? Were we really the only schmucks who showed up unprepared...or spent all their dough trying to win a stuffed tiger and the fair people said sorry folks - that's all the fun you get to have... You didn't come with enough cash so hasta la vista... We aren't in the business of making money so move along please.) So we were kicked out of the fair before we even got there.

Irked and annoyed, we tucked our tail between our legs and exited the fair. Luckily, we found a bank only a few minutes away and were able to get some cash. So we returned to the fairgrounds thinking that the parking pass we'd purchased only a few minutes before would get us in. No such luck. (Perhaps the fair IS trying to make money after all!).

Are we having fun yet?

Finally, we made it inside the gates. PHEW! Now, what to do at the fair with an 8 month old baby and a mommy who is still in Butterball Boot Camp? You check out the animals of course! Chickens, rabbits, goats...Oh My!

Grace and I LOVED the goats! Go figure!

Not sure who was more infatuated with who.

The goats made some "eyebrow-lifting" noises. Baaaaa!

"Don't get any ideas Katie - it's not like we live on a farm or something!"

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