Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seattle Showers

My dearest friend, Aimee, gave birth to a 9 pound baby boy, Henry, 
and we just had to celebrate his arrival!!

About a month or so ago, we hosted a Seattle Shower in honor of the newest addition!

The Seattle space needle.

Lunch is served!

The dessert table.

We decided on "shower" theme as our friends live in Seattle and we wanted to "shower" them with lots of love and attention!

Cloud poms, blue macaroon puddles, and streaks of sun light (cake pops) peaking out from behind the was a true Seattle celebration!

Check out the cupcakes! They were delicious and inspired by a pin on Pinterst! I had a bakery in Seattle make them as I would be traveling and didn't want to risk a cupcake disaster. The frosting was super puffy like clouds but inside - they looked like rain. Puddles on the bottom and rain sprinkles throughout.

Charlotte enjoyed the cupcakes!

I even found "shower" wrapping paper!

And the parting gift...a little bag of sunshine!

I sure hope our friends and baby Henry enjoyed the celebration!
We certainly had fun meeting precious Henry!
 He's a keeper for sure!!


Julia said...

What a fantastic shower and I love the the "shower" theme! The cupcakes look delicious by the way. Love all the details... and the view of Seattle is amazing!

Home Sweet Home Place said...

Thanks Julia! The cupcakes were SO good! Lucky for me, I ordered about 6 too many so we had treats that lasted a while!!